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30 janeiro, 2008

Advanced (Master) Course in Children’s Literature

Department of Literature and History of Ideas
Stockholm University

Fall semester 2008

Advanced (Master) Course in Children’s Literature, 7,5 credits

Designed and taught by Professor Maria Nikolajeva

This international English-language course offers an in-depth study of children’s and juvenile literature in the context of contemporary literary criticism. It focuses on the specific features of children’s literature and the particular theoretical issues necessary to explore these features.
The course is intended for students with at least the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree (180 European credits), of which at least 90 credits in literature, including a research paper with a literary focus.
The course presupposes the student’s general orientation in contemporary literary theory and criticism. The student is also expected to have ample knowledge about the history of children’s literature and its most important classic and modern text. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite.

Instruction is fully web-based. No tuition fees.

Application deadline April 15, 2008. Apply at

For further information about the course please contact

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