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02 janeiro, 2007

Reading Adventures: Perspectives on Reading and the Culture of the Book

19 - 21 february 2007
Jerusalem, Israel

Chairperson of Steering Committee: Prof. Zohar Shavit, Unit for Culture Research, Tel Aviv University

This international conference will focus on reading and the culture of the book. The conference is being held as part of and in conjunction with the 23rd Jerusalem International Book Fair, and its aim is to put reading and the culture of the book on the educational and cultural agenda in Israel.

CET – the Center for Educational Technology, principle organizer of the conference, has, for the past 15 years, been active in encouraging reading and in developing school libraries. A non-profit organization, CET develops and runs a range of educational programs aimed at promoting free, voluntary reading among children and adolescents. Particular emphasis is given to creating innovative approaches and using the internet as a tool for promoting reading. CET works with a broad cross-section of Israeli society, and aims to involving parents and the wider community in its programs. Furthermore, CET seeks to increase awareness among educators of the importance of free, voluntary reading and its correlation with academic achievements.

Lectures will be given in Hebrew or in English. Simultaneous translation will be available.

Registration Form for the Reading AdVentures Conference
19-21 February 2007
ICC – Jerusalem International Convention Center
Registration forms can be sent by:
Fax to: 972-3-6460927, with credit card details;
Fax to: 972-3-6460927, with a follow-up call to 972-3-6460137/0179/0166 to provide payment details;
Mail to:
CET, P.O. Box 39513, Tel Aviv 61394, accompanied by check or payment details
Checks should be made out to “CET – Reading AdVentures Conference”Personal Details (Items marked * are required)*
Given Name _____________ *
Family Name ____________ *
I.4. Number ___________*
Private Address ____________________________________________________________* Tel: _________________
Cell: _____________________
Fax: _______________________*
E-mail: _____________________________
Registration for the Conference Sessions 20.2.07 – 21.2.07
Registration Fee: One day – $10 Two days – $15I would like to register for: One day – 20 / 21 February (Circle the appropriate date)
Both days
Registration for the Opening Event 19.2.07 (Konrad Adenauer Conf. Cnt., Mishkenot Sha’ananim)
There is no fee for participation in the Opening Event, but you must register in advance Please register me for the Opening Event on 19.2.07 (at no extra charge)
Registration for the Trip to the Dead Sea 22.2.07
Cost of the trip: $70
Registration may be done at the IGT desk during the conference or in advance through IGT:
Tel. 972-2-5619990 Fax. 972-2-5665277
Accommodation arrangements for conference participants, at special rates, have been made at the Crowne Plaza (formerly Holiday Inn) and Knesset Towers hotels, which are located adjacent to Binyanei Ha’Uma.
For bookings, please contact IGT directly:
Tel: 972-2-5619990 Fax: 972-2-5665277
PaymentBy check:
Enclosed please find check in the sum of $ _____ (Checks should be made out to “CET – Reading AdVentures Conference”)For (please indicate name of participant and the number of days): ____________________________________________ Paid for by employer Paid for by participantName of organization paying _______________________ Signature of authorized officer and stamp ________________Credit Card: Visa Other _____________Number: ________________________________ Valid to ___/___/___Registration forms not accompanied by payment will not be acceptedConfirmation of your registration will be sent to you only upon receipt of your payment
Parking: Parking is available in the Binyanei Ha’Uma parking areas. Participants are responsible for their own parking fees Public Transportation: All "Egged" bus routes to Jerusalem Cancellation: Notice of cancellation should be sent by fax to 972-3-6460927, or by phone to one of the above numbers. Cancellations must be received no later than 12.2.07. Following this date, registration fees will not be refunded.Name: _____________________ Signature: _____________________________
Enquiries and further details:
Mali Salei 972-3-6460188

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